The team

Composed of complementary profiles, the iThylo team is able to provide you with both support for each stage of your project and a comprehensive expertise on alcohol and narcotic screening.

Jean-Jacques CADO


Passionate about science and technology, Jean-Jacques developed several applications before embarking on the iThylo adventure.

After taking an interest in breathalyzers in 2012, he created iThylo in 2015, realizing that there is a real issue in companies: 20% of accidents at work are linked to addictions.

His ambition? continue to propose meaningful solutions, halfway between medicine and digital.

Vincent Kottelat

Business Development Manager

Vincent, graduated with a master’s degree in International Business, he had several business experiences in startups in Europe and Japan before joining the iThylo team in 2019.

He is currently structuring the strategy and the business activity to ensure the growth of iThylo in order to develop the business.

What motivates him is his great autonomy within the structure as well as the diversity of tasks.

Marie-Astrid Alizard

Responsable des opérations & animation du réseau infirmier

Marie-Astrid, nurse by training, was graduated in Lyon where she is from. She joined the capital to open up new horizons in her profession which she has been practicing with passion since 2011.

What she likes is the Challenge!

This is why, when the opportunity to work within iThylo comes to Marie-Astrid, she goes ahead and integrates the team as Head for operations and nurse network.

You 🙂

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Nursing staff present throughout France

We operate throughout France thanks to our network of 115 nurses trained in our solutions and screening.