Our observation

We reported that 20% of accidents at work are linked to addictions and that 10% of employees in France are alcohol-dependent. That’s why in 2016 we launched iThylo, a real-time alcohol and narcotic drug screening solution.


work related accidents linked to addictions


employees in France are addicted to alcohol


deaths due to alcohol each year in France

Our mission,

Proposing solutions wherever alcohol is a problem

We operate in many sectors such as construction, transport, energy, maritime and we propose solutions adapted to your company and your corporate culture.
Our equipment is used in several countries in Western Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. iThylo constantly adapts to its customers to provide them with the most complete service. We operate throughout France thanks to our network of 115 nurses trained in our solutions and screening. Several large companies continue to call on us in France and now on a cross-border basis.

Our strengths

Our real-time screening and facial recognition service is available and functional worldwide. It is patented and unique. iThylo takes care of simplifying the screening process in your company. In addition, we provide reporting of your screening data and archive all your sensitive data.

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