Hello world!

With the continuous growth of technology, people find it much easier to know what’s going on across the world. Before, you need to rush to your television just to find out some of the biggest news occurring from one country to another. But now, information is just one click away. Mostly, people discover news breaks over websites that are always updated, such as Facebook and Twitter.

As technology improves, will society worsen?

Supposing that people are really progressing as you inhabit or wear more technological prosthetics such as brainy cars, helpful glasses and ever-smarter smartphones, however, will this evolution take you in necessary directions?

When talking about the impact of technology on society, many of point out the positive effects of technology and how it has made our life easy and convenient. You may be talking the internet as a source of information and a platform of communication while conveniently ignoring the reality that an overexposure to it results in internet addiction.

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