iThylo, a complete solution

A test for each risk


approved NF EN 16280


5 substances detectable
Results tracability

An app to manage all the solutions

Fully customizable
GDPR compliant

A reporting to identify the issues

Tailored to your requirements
Secure extranet access
Systematic and complete

In the heart of our services

Advice on your screening policy

We use our experience from nearly 100,000 alcohol and drug screenings to advise you on the best conditions for conducting alcohol and drug conditions for the realization of testing campaigns.

Supplying screening solution : breath-testing approved and drugs tests

Connected breathalyzer approved to NF EN 16280:2012, salivary test of very high reliability, we offer you the safest equipment to carry out your in-house tests.

Our guarantee of quality? We use the same equipment for our tests.

Realization of your alcohol and drug tests

We intervene all over France thanks to our network of 115 nurses trained in our solutions and screening.

We used to perform between 2000 and 3000 screening per month.

Managing counter-expertise

We use to work with Toxlab laboratory, an expert in toxicological analysis, accredited ISO1725

Managing emergency intervention in less thant 3 hours (in large cities)

In some large cities, we are able to offer you a screening service within 3 hours on site, in case of suspicion or incident. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about this service.

Evaluation of your alcohol risk

At the end of a screening, we systematically provide you with a complete and exhaustive report on all the tests performed.

As a result, you can better judge where problem about addictions in your compagny are.

Support for your employees in trouble

We developed and implemented a program which consist in offering the possibility for employees to review his or her consumption of alcohol and/or drugs by talking to an expert patient (a person who has taken a step back from his or her illness and has developed an expertise about this disease).

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