Our team

iThylo team is composed by complementory profiles. They are qualified to support you in each step of your project.
Jean-Jacques Cado

JJ is passionate about sciences and technologies. He developed several applications before launching iThylo.

After being interested in breath-analyser in 2012, he created iThylo realizing the real issues for compagnies : 20% of work accident are link to addictions.

His ambition ? Keep offering solutions making sens half-way between medicin and digital

Marie-Astrid Herbaux
Operations manager

Marie-Astrid, 33 years old, nurse, graduated in Lyon where she is originally from, joined the capital to open new horizons in her profession that she has been practicing with passion since 2011 in the care department.

She likes challenges ! That’s why, when the experience offered to Marie-Astrid, she went for it and joined the team as responsible for operations and of the nursing network.

Aurèle Fransès
Transversal project manager

Aurèle is a transveral project manager. She is a slasheur of the company.

Graduate from a business school and passionate about the start-up world in which she has evolved in France and Europe, Aurèle has been working for two years to help the company grow and to help reduce the number of addictions in companies.

Sophia Boukaiba
Lead data analyst

Fresh out of engineering school in 2020, Sophia joined iThylo during her end-of-study internship as a data analyst. A job that is full of challenges when dealing with personal data. Sophia is in charge of all operations related to data in order to participate in iThylo’s growth and customer demands. Working at iThylo is the opportunity to combine technical skills and a human purpose: to reduce addictive behaviors.


Our nurses network

Our network now includes over 115 nurses trained in our solutions and screening throughout France.

Thanks to them, we achieve between 2000 and 3000 screening each month in many sectors: construction, energy, transport, air and maritime.