The prevention of addictions, through screening

At iThylo, we are convinced that alcoohol and drugs sreenings are the best way to evaluate your risks of addiction, identify your collaborator in trouble and reduce number of consumer.

85% of collaborators positif to a first screening are negative at a second

Undertaking a long-term process of screenings contribute to reduce number of drugs and alcoohol users.

This is the statement we notice in our first « Mapping of alcohol and drug risks in profesionnal environment »  based on 47 000 screenings. Download here.

Our support in your procedure

Advice on your screening policy

Realization of your alcohol and drug tests

Supplying screening solution : breath-testing approved and drugs tests

Managing counter-expertise with a laboratory ISO 17025

Managing emergency intervention in less thant 3 hours (in large cities)

Evaluation of your alcohool and drugs risks

Support your collaborators in trouble

They trust us

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